The Environment

Mandi’s Kitchen environmental statement

At Mandis Kitchen our aim is to make the finest gourmet puddings with as little impact on our natural environment as possible. 

Our method of hand-made, boiled in the cloth cooking, dates back hundreds of years and we are proud to continue to use this traditional (and environmental) method of cooking. 

From start to finish, all our pudding are made by hand from a selection of Australia’s finest ingredients (where possible) We hand crumb our fresh bread, use local free range eggs, the finest quality fruit and brandy from the famous Barossa Valley.

All ingredients are mixed together by hand and then weighed into lined boiling cloths which are made from natural calico. This calico is then re-used over and over, the string used to tie up each pudding is the only disposable part of the cooking process. Our puddings are then boiled in gas fired coppers before being hung to dry and mature. 

We use no electric steam ovens, no vacuum sealing, no plastic moulds and no production lines. 

All Mandis Kitchen labelling, brochures and the boxes used for shipping are made from recycled material from Australia and we recycle 100 percent of all paper and cardboard packaging (from pudding ingredients) 

In a time when everything is moving so quickly and our technology is changing so fast, you can rest assured that Mandis Kitchen take the time to individually hand make each and every pudding, so that you are guaranteed to always serve your family and friends a perfect pudding.

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Mobile: 0410 579 797